We take care of your apartment
When you are abroad


A wide range of services is available.


  • Regular visits according to the agreement
  • Emergency visit and damage mitigation

Upkeep and renovation

  • Maintenance and repair works
  • Housekeeping
  • Assistance in renovation and decoration

Assistance in administrative tasks

  • Relations with suppliers
  • Co-ownership, general management
  • Covered claim process management

Concierge services

  • Restaurants
  • Concerts, exhibitions, shows…

Home management in Paris

"Excellent service, efficient, competent, knowledgable, totally thrustworthy"

Martine Hillion

Martine Hillion was born in Paris. Taking advantage of her experience in selling up-market products dedicated to an international clientele, Martine put the customer satisfaction at the very top of her concern.

She will provide a total peace of mind with a professional and considerate service.

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